Weaving SEO into the Web Design Process

Web design isn’t just all about the visual appeal. You need an e-commerce specialist Web designer who’s experienced and will work with a team of your SEO consultant, analyst, conversion rate optimizer and others for the improvement of the web design and SEO strategies. You must also give them space and budgets to act as experts.

When your website design and information architecture work as a tandem, with no pages or URLs breaking out of the structure, you’ll boost the entire website every time you publish a new product page and ensure early search by customers. Good web design and content along with a pleasant visitor experience will generate more sales.


•    Failing to plan leads to your plan to fail. SEO must always be into the business or website early in the planning phase before even you start working on your wireframes and design process and not after you launch the website. Making amazing category and section templates while having product pages that promote them with internal links is very effective for your websites.

•    SEO in e-commerce websites is different from the traditional SEO. SEO for E-commerce requires a consultant who is skilled in multiple disciplines. With a deep understanding of human psychology, analytics, conversion rate optimization, web design services and development services, copywriting, economy, usability, social media marketing and communication, and user experience. The best e-commerce SEO specialists also have deep insight and understanding of commerce and how a retail business functions.

•    E-commerce Web design is never complete. It is a continuous process of testing to hunt down the best performing variations. The right means are important, but the best consultant or company is important. An expensive consultant is not expensive if he or she can generate many more sales than a cheap one.