E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning Solutions Services

As a part of our focussed business expansion program, Master Computech has decided to expand its horizons by providing online based Quality Education & Application using its state-of-the-art technology setups in India and its other international associate offices. The past 12+ years of experience has provided the organization to become a major force in its field.

Besides local students a distance learning degree is par for the course at Master Computech wherein students can register from other parts of india as well as abroad for courses in designing as well as other generic computer courses.

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra has made an agreement with Master Computech Pvt. Ltd. to provide e-learning solutions through for the subjects introduced in the newly developed curriculum, thus giving an opportunity to thousands of students to avail this unique e-learning facility across Maharashtra.

Online certification as well as applications for the same are being constantly developed at Master Computech in effect doing its bit for the it education industry in India.


Online Assessment

The online test / quizzes show you where you need to emphasize and ensure that you have learned and understood the subject.

Online Certification

The online test / quizzes show you where you need to emphasize and ensure that you have learned and understood the subject.


course wise assignments and workshops in computer training makes sure that you retain what you learn to build confidence in your knowledge. Additionally, there are course glossaries, quick references, additional links, notes and tips. Everything required to increase your depth of understanding while retaining the information you need.

Personalized Automated Learning System - PALS

Our Personalised Automated Learning System keeps track of your learning progress throughout and maintain the bookmarks to return exactly where you were last. Using PALS, one can chalk out the perfect, self paced, learning schedule to meet the goals.


Our powerful simulation technology applied in Computer training across appropriate desktop courses gives you hands on experience even though you do not have the original software installed on your Computer. The exercises and workshops ensure that you retain what you study

Experts Chat

Chat with all sorts of people across the globe. Get the advantage of sitting in an International Online Classroom.

Bulletin Board

Satisfy all your queries by posting them to our online Bulletin Board. What's exciting really is that apart from your own query raised, you get to see the queries from all the students on a specific topic along with comprehensive answers. If you know the answer please feel free to post an answer to any question and watch people on the online Bulletin Board show their appreciation.